I dreamed a dream, a surreal one that almost prevented me from telling which one is the reality that I should present. In that dream I was faced by the ocean, which possessed a color out of this world, of transparent sky blue I can only recall. Skimming the entire horizon there is no one else but only me stood out there, and then I started to run at the direction of the ocean while the ocean did the same to me, who was trying to set free as the feeling of soil worked against my feet getting ambiguous as if I have lost all my senses and it was at the moment me and the ocean about to fuse for good, I woke up on my mattress instead. After a great pain, a formal feeling comes, a weird expectation it is but I can not help thinking about it, which death should not be detrimental-related; however, it is a privilege sent to us under the name of immortal Nature.





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